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CannaCribs – World’s First Company to Legally Study Cannabis

Featured  |  40 min read  |  July 30, 2020

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With deep roots in Israel, Tikun Olam and their team are proud pioneers and global leaders in medical cannabis research and development for the past 30 years. Tikun Olam traces their world-leading research history to visionaries such as Professor Rafael Mechoulam, the “father of cannabis research,” and Israel’s other top scientists, universities, and hospitals. They continually perform government-regulated clinical studies on a spectrum of unique cannabis strains. It’s how they’ve built the world’s largest medical cannabis treatment database – 20,000 patient records and growing. In Hebrew, “Tikun Olam” translates to “repair the world. “It guides Tikun’s mission to improve the lives of those suffering from debilitating conditions, with innovative strains backed by our unmatched foundation in science.


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