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Debunking Cannabis Myths

Medicine  |  2 min read  |  July 5, 2019

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Concerned about integrating medical cannabis into your life? A lot of myths and misconceptions remain. Below are a few debunked cannabis myths you should be aware of.

Cannabis is a Dangerous Drug

Cannabis has received a bad rap over the last century, but studies have shown that cannabis is less harmful than both alcohol and tobacco, which are commonly used throughout the nation. Likewise, cannabis is much less harmful than street drugs such as heroin and cocaine.

Cannabis is Completely Harmless

On the flip side, cannabis, like any form of medicine, is not completely harmless. Heavy use and misuse can certainly cause harm, making it smart to consume with caution, follow all dosing instructions, keep out of reach of children, heed any warning labels, and use common sense.

Medical Cannabis will Get You High

Not all strains of cannabis produce a “high.” The main compounds found in medical cannabis are THC (which produces a high) and CBD (which does not produce a high). Medical cannabis strains, depending on which conditions they are targeting, contain varying levels of one or both of these compounds. Thus, a high THC strain will likely produce a psychoactive effect, a low THC strain will not. For example, Tikun Olam’s Avidekel strain has virtually no THC and will not produce a high whatsoever.

Medical Cannabis Must be Smoked in Order to Be Beneficial

Nope. Smoking is not necessary for treating medical conditions with cannabis. It is but one of many effective delivery methods. Other choices include vaping, topicals (lotions, creams, and ointments), tinctures, oils, and delivers a nearly instantaneous effect making it the primary method of consumption for many users. However, this is not the only way to experience medicinal benefits. Depending on the condition you want to treat, you can choose from a variety of consumption methods such as vaporization, oils, and cannabis-infused foods.

It Doesn’t Matter How You Consume Medical Cannabis — It’s All the Same

It does matter because the different ways you use medical cannabis can produce different effects. For example, if you smoke medical cannabis, you can expect results quickly, though those results may have a short duration. On the other hand, results after eating cannabis-infused foods take longer to set in but with longer-lasting effects.

As with any drug, safety should always come first. Tikun Olam is leading the wellness revolution with scientifically backed medical cannabis. Learn more at Tikun Olam California.


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