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How to Shop for Medical Cannabis in California

 |  2 min read  |  July 5, 2019

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California was the first state in the United States to legalize medical cannabis under its Compassionate Use Act of 1996. This act came about during the heyday of the AIDS crisis. With its passage, patients suffering from AIDS, cancer, and other medical conditions were able to ease their suffering with medical marijuana and without incriminating themselves. The Compassionate Use Act was limited to patients under the care of a physician. In January 2018, California opened the doors to recreational use under Proposition 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act.

With this legislation, access to cannabis became much easier for those interested in using cannabis for health and wellness. Below are the most common ways consumers can show for medical cannabis in California:

Doctor’s Recommendation — Since 1996, patients using medical cannabis were required to show the dispensary a doctor’s recommendation letter. This isn’t an official prescription per se, but it’s the key to access. Patients can also apply for a Medical Marijuana Identification Card, which also requires a doctor’s recommendation letter. Thus, in order to get medical cannabis, a consultation with your doctor is typically the first step.

Dispensaries — Dispensaries are either licensed for medical cannabis, recreational cannabis or both, so you’ll need to pay attention. Recreational cannabis dispensaries do not require the doctor’s recommendation letter; however, they may not have products formulated for health and wellness. The products could be all about the high, which is not necessarily what you’re looking for to treat a specific condition, alleviate pain, or promote wellness.

Online — Websites are popping up across California, partnering with local dispensaries to make ordering cannabis online nearly as easy as ordering a pizza. Again, you’ll want to use care in selecting your products to ensure that you’re selecting the most appropriate cannabis product for your condition. The best source for medical cannabis online in California is Tikun Olam California, the California division of one of the world’s finest medical cannabis pioneers, Tikun Olam. With innovative online assessments and proprietary strains of cannabis bred for their health and wellness benefits, Tikun Olam California is your source for quality medical cannabis. Find the right strain for your health goals now.


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