Or Tincture

Cannabinoid Profile: 22% – 26% THC; >1% CBD

Terpenes: 22% – 26% THC; >1% CBD

About: Or, meaning light in Hebrew, is the most potent of the Tikun strains but is still considered functional by its users. The experience is often described as a euphoric body high.

Used For: Great for high-tolerance users looking for a relaxing high without fear of being “couch-locked”. Like many classic Indicas, Or is also known to stimulate the appetite.


KEY INGREDIENTS Multi-strain co2 extraction, same strain - same batch terpenes, whole plant profile, avocado oil base, orange peel extract

Tikun tinctures are made using full-spectrum cannabis oil, including strain-specific terpenes extracted directly from each unique Tikun strain. An avocado oil base provides a light, clean sublingual experience, while orange peel extract rounds out (rather than masks) the natural terpene profiles. A gentle, multi-step extraction process helps preserve the original terpene profile of each for both flavor and therapeutic benefit.